About Us

Omega Pharma is a dynamic organization specialized in developing, manufacturing and sale of medical devices, food supplements and medical cosmetics as on the OTC pharmaceutical market as in wide distribution on the mass-market. It is part of a multinational group Omega Pharma is headquartered in Belgium and competence in 40 countries.

High specialization, professionalism and superior customer service have enabled a dynamic development of the company and it has been included among the major players on the market.

From the very beginning the Omega Pharma has been marketing-driven company with a strong focus on customer's needs, his requirements and resulting satisfaction. It holds many patents and applied unique solutions to high-efficiency products in product lines.

The company now has its own Development Center of Excellence. In terms of research and its application we interact with renowned centers in the Czech Republic and across Europe.

The products registered at the Industrial Property Rights in CR come from our own research laboratory. The products of Omega Pharma are regularly presented at the world professional summits of the unique products and inventions in the field.

We participate in research and development of the products with guaranteed support of the state organizations and our priorities include not only development but also responsible clinical testing of the each product prior to launching into market.

Thanks to scientific achievements, we can produce products with high physiological effect is guaranteed.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 for the manufacture of medical devices, issued a reputable company Det Norske Veritas.