Company Structure

Altermed member of the Omega Pharma Group

Multinational group Omega Pharma Group has entered into the Czech market through the acquisition of the Czech producer Altermed Corporation in 2008. Entry of the investor brought the change of the name of the original Czech manufacturer into Omega altermed, change the logo, location and management. The company moved from Olomouc to Brno Šlapanice, where it serves Czech and Slovak markets and its development in both territories.

The acquisition has brought new possibilities and opportunities. With this step the Omega Altermed expanded the range of products in the pharmaceutical dermo cosmetics, medical products and dietary supplements, and received new international sales territories.

The next milestone in the history of the company was an acquisition of a significant portfolio of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline on the begining of June 2012 . Omega Pharma acquired from GSK many leading brands such as Lactacyd, Abtei, Solpadeine, Zantac, and Nytol Beconase. Omega Altermed immediately expanded its brand portfolio by adding two key brands Lactacyd and Libenar. This acquisition causes organizational changes that leads to the emergence of new divisions. In addition to the existing "Pharma division" there is "Consumer Health Care division." Omega Altermed is thus present in all distributio.

At the same time it was managed to continuously follow onto the global "Happy People" strategy of the company, which is built upon the company logo.

Belgian Omega Pharma Group was formed in 1987 as a small company with 2 people and € 7,500 capital input. Today it operates in 40 territories and employs more than 2,000 people. Worldwide it is among the top 10 players in the market for medical products and dietary supplements with an annual turnover of 856 million Euros. The successful development of our company is mainly due to the excellent quality and high efficiency in all products that enhance the quality of life and therefore have gained customers all over the world.

OMEGA PHARMA, joint-stock company, Czech Republic

Company authorities and the right of signature:

Board of directors: PharmDr. Michal Krejsta, MBA

OMEGA PHARMA. Ltd, Slovak Republic

Executive director: PharmDr. Michal Krejsta, MBA